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LNG installation

The AXÈGAZ Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities rely on a simple principle: cryogenic technology. It comprises one or more tanks and a vaporization system.

Whether it be for industrial gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) or natural gas, the function of a cryogenic tank is to keep the gas in a liquid state by maintaining it at a sufficiently low temperature (-160 °C for LNG): this is the principle behind the Thermos bottle, applied to an industrial product.

In order to keep thermal losses to a minimum and to avoid any warming of the product, the tank is equipped with a double wall :

  • the internal wall, in contact with the product, is made of stainless steel
  • the exterior wall is made of carbon steel
  • between the two lies a perlite-injected vacuum. Perlite is an insulating material with high thermal resistance.

Thanks to cryogenic technology, natural gas is kept in a liquid state (LNG) during shipping and storage at customers’ premises until it is used.
If natural gas is to be used in the gaseous phase, LNG needs to go through a vaporizer where it is heated up and turned from liquid to gas before it is taken to its point of use.

When LNG is used as fuel for vehicles, LNG facilities are equipped with pumps to fill the tanks of vehicles.

Thanks to this process, AXÈGAZ was the first company in France to offer access to LNG.

Storage tanks

Citerne Axegaz

In order to meet customers’ expectations in terms of available power and autonomy, AXÈGAZ owns a range of large capacity vertical and horizontal tanks that are :

  • AXEGAZ ownership
  • Compliant with European design and construction standards
  • Able to deliver the required flow and pressure
  • Repaired and maintained by AXÈGAZ in accordance with regulations
  • Equipped with a remote gauge for optimal scheduling of deliveries
  • Governed by chapter 1412 of the French Environmental Code as to their implementation.

Vaporization system

Axègaz-Système de vaporisation
Placed next to the storage tank, the vaporization system is a key element of the cryogenic tank, necessary for the gasification of the product.

It is made of several vaporizers. Their number, their size and operating method (ambient heat exchanger in most cases, or electrical, using hot water or steam for very high powers) are a function of the flow and pressure required for your facilities.

AXÈGAZ offers the right equipment, perfectly in line with current and future requirements.

L’énergie est notre avenir, économisons-la !