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The company

Founded in 2012, AXÈGAZ is a leading supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), an energy product with high break-through potential.

In cooperation with its partners, AXÈGAZ offers customized solutions so that its customers can at last tap into the many benefits of natural gas.

AXÈGAZ assists you with your energy projects :

  • Technical study
  • Financing
  • Administrative procedures
  • Installation of the LNG facilities
  • LNG supply
  • Maintenance of LNG satellite plant
  • Emergency response

Since April 2013, AXÈGAZ is an associate member of AFG, the French Gas Association of all major players of natural gas in France.
Since July 2013, Axègaz is also a member of the French Association of Natural Gas for Vehicles (AFGNV) to play an important role in the development of NGV in France.

AXÈGAZ is the only company that has all the accreditations of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy to supply and sell Liquefied Natural Gas to industrial companies as well as to other natural gas suppliers in France.

Decree dated Feb. 12, 2013, (No. DEVR13041345A) published in the Official Journal of 23 February 2013

L’énergie est notre avenir, économisons-la !