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The commercial offer and services

The development of the European market, the gradual opening of access to LNG terminals and the open market for natural gas are creating new opportunities and prospects.
AXEGAZ T&T helps you access LNG.

Assessing your needs

Your first contact with Axegaz T&T will be a sales engineer who will visit your site in order to identify your specific needs :

  • Your business
  • Location, layout of premises
  • Type of equipment to be powered
  • Flow and pressure to be provided
  • Safety constraints

Our engineer will also make allowances for future plans your company may have that could have an impact on the size of your natural gas installation in the future.
This personalized discussion will allow us to assess your consumption and to design a customized solution, while taking into account, if need be, the seasonality of your line of business.

Storage tank set-up study

Available space, nature of the ground, environment, access and limits of your site, safety distances, classification of your establishment... the Axegaz T&T engineer will review your situation and compute all parameters involved in setting up your tank.

A clear and unambiguous contract

In order to control your energy expenses and manage your supply easily and peacefully, whether you are single or multi-site, the energy experts of AXEGAZ T&T help you to contract the gas supply :

  • A clearly defined contract implementation time-line
  • Equipment rental
  • Price of energy indexed on European gas markets
  • For better predictability, the opportunity to opt for a set price for a period to be defined in common (up to 3 years) in order to match your current and future needs.

Support for administrative procedures

The Axegaz T&T engineer will prepare your natural gas storage tank registration form for the local authorities. This operational assistance will help you save time.

Setting up your Axegaz T&T installation

Several tasks will be completed by Axegaz T&T :

  • Drawing up technical plans for the fitting of the tank and fire-fighting equipment
  • Ordering the tank and vaporizer
  • Delivering, fitting the tank, and connecting the vaporizer
  • Gassing of the tank and 1st fill-up
  • Commissioning of the Axegaz T&T satellite plant and set-up of the various control panels.

For your own part, you will be responsible for :

  • Preparing the location of the tank
  • Conducting civil engineering works, if need be
  • Bringing in the various piping and cabling required
  • Organizing the connection of your Axegaz T&T equipment to the piping of your facilities and providing a certificate of compliance for your gas installations.

Delivery methods

Thanks to the remote level-gauge fitted on the tank, Axegaz T&T will follow your consumption remotely in real time and plan your deliveries. You will no longer have to worry about refilling the tank! Should you still prefer to retain control of your orders, our engineer will suggest a delivery mode that will suit your needs.

Our safety commitment

An Axegaz T&T technician will regularly carry out a complete inspection of your tank and related accessories :

  • Verification of the proper external condition of the welding, walls and surface of the tank
  • Verification of performances and preventive maintenance of equipment and accessories
  • Detection of non-compliance of the installation with administrative rules and regulations.

Help desk available 24 hours a day: in the event of malfunction of your tank, you can reach Axegaz T&T 24 hours a day by calling the number on the safety plate of your storage unit.