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Cogeneration solutions

Les solutions pour la cogénération

Your needs

Your industrial facility uses a lot of heat, at a constant and predictable rate.
You would like to take advantage of your heat consumption to tap an additional source of income by operating a cogeneration unit (electricity production and use of the co-generated heat for your own consumption).
Cogeneration (CHP combined heat and power) plants powered by natural gas are by far more efficient than those powered by other fuels such as coal, heavy fuel oil or wood. However, the cost of connecting to the gas distribution network and of the gas capacity reserve can be prohibitive.

Your requirements

Natural gas cogeneration units can adapt to any type of heat use, including hot water, steam or even dry air.

Natural gas offers the best efficiency and lowest operating cost (up to -40% compared to non-road diesel for instance).

With the flexibility and autonomy offered by the Axegaz T&T LNG satellite plant, you have the gas capacity you need, readily available at all times, to optimally operate your cogeneration unit (adjusting production to your needs and market conditions), whether you decide to consume your electricity production or to feed it into the grid for sale to third parties.

The Axegaz T&T solution

After analysis and simulation for optimal sizing, Axegaz T&T fits your site with a cogeneration unit (gas turbine or engine, depending on the configuration) and an LNG satellite plant to supply it with natural gas

We work with partners who are CHP specialists to offer you the best solution for your needs. You may either operate your own cogeneration unit yourself or entrust us with operating it and receive royalties on your production.

Questions to ask

To properly size an LNG project, the following key points need to be considered :

  • Detailed heat and electricity consumption profile of your site
  • Heating medium (water, steam, dry air)
  • Operating temperature of heat application
  • Electrical and thermal power required by your applications.