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Solutions for local networks

Solutions pour les réseaux locaux

Your Needs

Your municipality is one of 26,000 in France that are not connected to the natural gas network (piped town gas). Despite your efforts, the investments required for a network extension make any connection project uneconomic.

Yet you would like the residents and businesses in your community to benefit from the economic and practical advantages of natural gas.

Households in your community using heating oil (50% of them), electricity (25%) or propane pay respectively 38% and 95% more for their energy than their fellow citizens who are connected to the gas network*.
You may also want to replace an existing propane network that is too costly.

Your requirements

You aim to power tertiary users (schools, community halls, swimming pool), domestic users (housing estates) or industrial users (industrial park, business area) by way of gas pipes (local network) that work exactly like the national gas network.

Axegaz T&T works in partnership with government (régies), semi-public companies and gas grid operators that have significant experience in the development of gas networks, to guarantee optimum service.

The service rendered to the people of your community is significant: the great stability of the price of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) gives you control over your budget, as well as substantial savings for your constituents.

In addition, with the LNG supplied by Axegaz T&T, your town shows its respect for the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by 25% when replacing heating oil, and 10% when replacing LPG (butane bottle or propane tank).

A project to install a network consists of several steps: defining requirements, design, technical development and marketing. With its partners, Axegaz T&T has specific expertise to provide you with the best assistance throughout the project. Our team also supports end users with their conversion projects (funding and technical support for replacing boilers).

The Axegaz T&T solution

The Axegaz T&T team takes care of :

  • Installing an LNG satellite plant in a strategic location selected by you and Axegaz T&T, supplying a gas line to which all users in your community can be connected.
  • Financing the entire LNG satellite plant.
  • Maintenance and automatic refueling.

Our team also supervises the operations of our partners involved in other parts of the project.

Questions to ask

To properly consider an LNG project, some basic points need defining :

  • What are the needs that you want to address ?
    For each relevant use, determine the monthly and annual consumption and installed capacity.
  • What short-term proposed changes or extensions may affect your needs and how much LNG autonomy do you want for your site ?
  • Is the geographical situation of the site well defined? What will be the available space for the LNG satellite plant, will it be readily accessible for the Axegaz T&T delivery truck ?
  • What is your planned date for your project launch and operational start-up ?

(*) Source : Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement durable et de l'Énergie, Commissariat général au Développement durable, Service de l’Observation et des Statistiques, données 2012