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Solutions for generators

Your Needs

You have substantial power requirements, whether temporary or permanent, which cannot be covered by the electrical grid. You have therefore opted for a generator as the solution.

However, you would like to have a more competitive energy solution than Non-Road Diesel (up to 40% savings) and more stable over time as it is not subject to the ups and downs of the oil market.

Liquefied natural gas has many advantages: it is a clean energy, it is quickly operational, it withstands cold temperatures, and it is readily available throughout France.

Your requirements

Producing electricity in reasonable and sustainable conditions. You can control your energy costs with liquefied natural gas, which is an economically stable energy source, and even more so with the possibility of purchasing for future delivery over the long-term.

The Axegaz T&T solution

The Axegaz T&T team takes care of :

  • Installing your LNG satellite plant in a strategic location selected by you and Axegaz T&T, to serve your network of users.
  • The LNG station can be fixed or mobile, and consists of a storage tank, a vaporizer and an odorizing station.
  • Financing the LNG station, its maintenance and automated refueling.

Questions to ask

To properly consider an LNG project, some basic elements need defining :

  • What are the needs that you want to address: electric power required, number of generators considered and their characteristics (thermal power, efficiency), your daily consumption mode (duty cycle, load factor) ?
  • Are your needs set and regular or are you planning to make changes or extensions that may affect them soon ?
  • How much LNG autonomy do you want for your site? Is the geographical situation of the site well defined? What will be the available space for the LNG satellite plant, will it be readily accessible for the Axegaz T&T delivery truck? What is the planned date for your project launch and operational start-up of LNG ?