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Vision, Mission and Values

More than a supplier of energy, Axegaz T&T has the ambition of being a real, regular partner for you.


More than ever, consumers are looking for a clean and cost-effective energy solution. Natural gas is currently the best choice, with its many qualities, available, efficient, clean and economic. These facts only confirm the fundamental role that natural gas is destined to play in the energy mix in the near future, in France and elsewhere

For our business customers, access to high-performance energy such as LNG is not only a way to optimize their business now, it is also a guarantee of competitiveness in the long run.


Municipalities and companies not covered by the gas distribution grid must have a way to access natural gas. This is the mission that Axegaz T&T has embraced: offering consumers who are far from the grid the most cost-effective energy solution, which also offers one of the best environmental performances.

To achieve such performance, our customers can rely on a supplier with expert knowledge of their needs and perfect mastery of Liquefied Natural Gas.

Axegaz T&T campaigns to make this competitive energy readily available to all consumers who cannot be connected to the national gas distribution system.


We at Axegaz T&T share the belief that the solution to the energy issue entails innovative distribution. The agile structure of Axegaz T&T, specialized in a single product, highly responsive to customers, is best suited for introducing breakthrough technology such as LNG onto the market.