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Solutions for industry

Solutions Industries

Your needs

Your industrial site is too far to be connected to the gas distribution grid, yet you would like to benefit from the competitive advantages only natural gas can offer you.

You are looking to power your installations (process, hot water production, heating of your facilities) with unlimited available power, with a single supplier.

Energy performance is a major concern, and you wish to reduce the maintenance cost of your heat production equipment. You are seeking an alternative to LPG (butane or propane) whose highly volatile price disrupts your annual budgets, or a more flexible, more affordable solution than your fuel oil or heating oil equipment, which is not very reliable and incurs rising costs of maintenance and upgrading.

You also care for the image of your company, and you favor clean, modern energy that will allow you to comply with current and future emission limits (CO2, NOx, sulfur, etc.).

Your requirements

Energy cost control is a key issue from now on. Liquefied natural gas, like natural gas from the network (currently by far the cheapest available energy source), offers you stable prices for the long term, with the possibility of forward buying over significant periods.

LNG also allows you to improve the performance of your installations, thanks to high-energy efficiency equipment and the possibility of recovering the energy released by combustion products.

As environmental constraints become increasingly stringent, it is becoming evident that choosing LNG is the best proof of an industrial site’s commitment to a cleaner world.

The Axegaz T&T solution

The Axegaz T&T team takes care of the:

  • Design, procurement and installation of the LNG satellite plant,
  • Financing of LNG satellite plant (if required),
  • Maintenance and operations includinng automatic refueling.

With its network of partners, Axegaz T&T can also assist you throughout your conversion to LNG (gas pipe, setting / changing burners, boiler replacement, etc.).

Questions to ask

To properly consider an LNG project, you need to define some basic parameters:

  • What are the needs that you want to address ?
    For each relevant use, determine the monthly and annual consumption and installed capacity.
  • What short-term proposed changes or extensions may affect your needs and how much LNG autonomy do you want for your site ?
  • Is the geographical situation of the site well defined? What will be the available space for the LNG satellite plant, will it be readily accessible for the Axegaz T&T delivery truck ?
  • What is your planned date for your project launch and operational start-up ?