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Fuel is the main operating cost of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). Most hauliers have applied the smartest possible solutions to keep the cost of fuel down, in a constant quest for competitiveness.

The road transport sector has the second highest energy consumption after the tertiary residential sector. It represents nearly 30% of the final energy consumption and is responsible for one third of CO2 emissions.

To improve the economic and environmental performance of your fleet, you might be looking for an alternative fuel to diesel. Natural gas is the only fuel that offers an effective solution available immediately.

Advantages of LNG as road fuel

More than 10 million vehicles in the world run on natural gas. Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) is stored onboard as compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). Gas engines have demonstrated high performance and reliability. Goods and passenger vehicles from automakers such as Iveco, Scania Volvo Trucks, Mercedes, and others have been in service in several countries for many years, and have proven their reliability and performance.
When storing the gas onboard in liquid form (LNG), gas-powered trucks can achieve an operating range (up to 1700 Km) comparable to conventional diesel trucks.

Taking into account all operating costs (including depreciation of the investment of the vehicle purchase), natural gas replacing diesel allows for savings ranging from 10% to 20% depending on fleet size, vehicle use and price variations of the two fuels.

Natural gas vehicles emit practically no local pollutants (NOx and fine particles) and their low noise emission level is compatible with the restrictions that cities increasingly impose on urban deliveries.
CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions of natural gas vehicles can be 20% lower than their diesel-powered counterparts. They can be reduced by up to 90% if you opt for the biomethane (both bio-LNG and bio-CNG) offered by AXEGAZ T&T: operationally you refuel as normal with natural gas, and you get a certified guarantee that it comes from renewable sources.

The LNG solution on the road

Axegaz T&T proposes the AXECARD, the fuel card specialised in LNG and CNG refueling:

  • Refueling with LNG and CNG along European corridors,
  • Accepted at LNG and CNG self-service stations of major networks,
  • attractive prices,
  • 24/7 customer support.

The LNG refueling station

The Axegaz T&T will assist you install and operate an LNG refueling station by:
  • helping identifying/validading the strategic location,
  • designing the station optimally
  • supervising permitting, construction and commissioning.
  • Maintaining, supplying, and operating the station for you.
You can thus focus on optimal utilization of your fleet and your flows.

Questions to ask

To properly consider an LNG refueling project, some basic points need defining :
  • number and brand of trucks involved,
  • annual mileage,
  • transportation flows and routes.